About Sim Tze Tzin…

Sim Tze Tzin believes in Malaysia. This is why he moved back from sunny California and USD salary to take up a low pay job as political aide to an opposition leader. He believes that job satisfaction outweight monetary gain, and National Service to make Malaysia better is the best work of life.

His first political awakening was the 1989 Tianmen massacre in China. He was shocked and awe how regime oppressed the people. Later on, he was hopeful of world peace brought by the Oslo Peace Accord between waring Palestinians and Israelis. But, soon his heart was shattered by the first intifadah.

His domestic political awakening was triggered by the Reformasi movement in 1998, when he saw injustices, abuse of power, police brutality, media bias reporting first hand. He later joined the movement by founding Malaysian Students and Youth Democratic Movement (DEMA). Some people regard his generations of activists as Reformasi Generation.

When he was working as an engineer in the silicon valley, California, he continued to engage Malaysians to participate in the discussions related to homeland. He founded Stanford University Malaysia Forum to engage Malaysians to discuss important issues related to the country.

He is now happily working for Anwar Ibrahim as political aide to reform the country.

sim pics

5 responses to “About Sim Tze Tzin…

  1. hello sim! nice to know that you blog 😛

    take care! 🙂

  2. Hi Sim,

    People like yourself, inspire me to take up the challenge to make our country a better place. Like yourself, I m looking to be at the ‘greener fields’ for a while, but one day, i shall return. Hope Malaysia lasts that long.

    Keep fighting. And never give up

  3. Good to know you are doing well.

    I believe in Malaysia too and also you. . Hope more people like you in the country.

    Great thing in life is you know where you are going. As long as going to the right direction, you will get there eventually, just matter of time.

    Terima Kasih and Keep it up!

  4. Very happy to stumble across your blog. Keep up the good work! Let’s just hope that more Malaysians believe in the ‘real’ Malaysia, the one that belongs to all of us.

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