Tan Sri Abdul Rashid

abdul rashidPlease look at this guy. His name is Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman. In a press conference today, he said: 

“We have been very successful (conducting free and fair election) all these years!”

“Do not mislead the kampung folks that there are problems in the Election system by going to the street…”

“If you can produce a single evident that the EC is not acting fair, I will resign after election, in fact the entire panel will resign.”

He was pretty jovious during his entire press conference, smiling while lying. He didn’t even blink. But facts speak louder! Consider these, as written by my colleage Nat Tan. Some of the falsehoods and inaccuracies found in the 2004 general election are simply shocking:

  • Many phantom voters have never lived in a particular area, as they were not known to the local community. According to a survey carried out by MAFREL before the 2004 general election, 232 of 965 voters (24%) sampled in Gombak and 282 of 796 voters sampled in Lembah Pantai (35%) were not recognized by community leaders and local residents. Most ironically, five Chinese and one Malay phantom voters were found to be ‘living’ in the house of Keadilan vice-president Azmin Ali’s mother in 2004.
  • In some other cases, voters had successfully registered to vote using non-residential addresses and even false or unknown addresses. According to the abovementioned MAFREL survey, there were at least 116 such fraudulent addresses in Lembah Pantai and 13 in Gombak in 2004.
  • Some were registered at addresses without house numbers, even though they lived in proper flats or apartments. For example, in the Lembah Pantai electoral roll dated 2 March 2004, a total of 203, 231 and 273 voters were registered (respectively) at Blocks 1, 2 and 3 of Rumah Pangsa Sri Pahang in Bukit Bangsar, without any unit numbers.

Tan Sri, please do not wait till after election. Please resign NOW!

However, he ended his press conference with a sting!

“Do not fool around with street demonstration, else, I will give the shortest campaign period of 6 days 13 hours!”

Tan Sri Rashid, please look at who you are threatening.

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