The NEW fate of Ahmad Fairuz.

Rumours is spreading fast that our former CJ will soon get a new job! After the infamous Lingam tape, he has been hiding from public life, running for cover, no media could contact him. Now, he is soon to be another public figure.

He will soon appointed to become the Governor of Penang! 

As a born and raised Penangite, I strongly object his appointment to be the head of State of my kampung! I urge all Penangite to strongly reject his appointment. His appointment will be the disgrace of the state and affect the Foreign Investment into the state. When he represent Penang to see foreign investors, they will be reminded that the judicial system of this country is corrupt and therefore their investment is not protected.

I also urge the conscience of Barisan National, the Gerakan Government, to strongly object this appointment to show the Penangite that they care for their livelihood and care for foreign investment.

4 responses to “The NEW fate of Ahmad Fairuz.

  1. Once he is appointed as Governor, no proceedings whatsoever shall be brought in any court against the Ruler of a State in his personal capacity (Article 181 Federal Constitution). Article 38(4) affirms that “No law directly affecting the privilege, position, honours or dignities of the Ruler shall be passed without the consent of the Conference of Rulers.”

  2. Maverick,

    Wasn’t the Special Court established to deal with Rulers who break the law or abuse their powers?

  3. Who recommends and who approves this appointment? Does the Council of Rulers have a say? It would be ironic if the Council rejects his extension as CJ and approves his Governorship.

  4. U guys don’t know meh? Everything is possible here lah bcos Malaysia boleh.

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