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The fate of Ahmad Fairuz

The fate of Ahmad Fairuz is now on the hand of the King. In less than 12 hours, every Malaysian will wake up for better or worse. 

Yesterday, Government has pressurred “sekuat-kuatnya” to the King. PM, DPM and all menteri besar/Chief Ministers , All Of Them, boycotted the ceremony handling over archieves from the King and Sultans to the State secretaries. It was almost a declaration of WAR! It has never happen before. Right now, they tussle is rumoured to be going on behind the scene.

The Government’s intention is clear, they wanted Ahmad Fairuz to go on to be their lame duck Chief Justice who will listen to them like an anjing. Whatever they ask him to do, election petition, Anwar Ibrahim trials, Altantuya all, will be taken care of, “for the sake of the country”. Correct, Correct, Correct.

What will happen tomorrow?

Scenario #1:

PM will claim that the King has succumb to the will from the Government. The real ruler of Malaysia is PM. There is no judicial crisis. No royal commission is needed, all fiascos are created by Anwar Ibrahim. All safe and sound. Let’s resolve the parliament for a new mandate.

Scenario #2 – Fairuz not extended:

PM will claim that Fairuz has resigned because of “health and to spend more time with the family”. BN respects the will of the judge, the people and the King. No Royal Commission is needed because the tape could not be authenticated. All fiascos are created by Anwar Ibrahim.

What do you think the most likely scenario? Take your bet.

Understanding Malaysia

The interesting part of my job is that I got the chance to go deep into small villages, talk to people and understanding the cultures. It is a whole new experience to me. I have a chance to relearn about Malaysia.

Yesterday, I went to a small village in Gurun to witness Silat Gayong. The spirit of silat Gayong is not about body building, not about fighting each other, but to uphold justice, to defend the weak and uphold integrity. This is inspiring! 




Judgement Day!

Deja Vu? No, this time is my boss’s judgement day.

The talks in the town is that, “people from the top” is trying to prevent him from running the election until 2013. So, this is perfect opportunity.

This is utterly dirty machiavellian tactics! I am sick to my stomach.

Please show our solidarity to him, please come to the office to show support tomorrow!

Date: 25/10/2007 (Thursday)

Venue: DSAI Office, 17, Jalan 16/2, Section 16, PJ.

Time: 10.30 am

Another ultimatum!

dsai ultimatum=

ACA is interviewing DSAI now…

As of now, the interview is going on…

The 3 person delegation is headed by Tuan Salzali bin Salbi, Ketua Cawangan Tindakan Khas selaku Penolong Pesuruhjaya, BPR Putrajaya. They arrived around 10.45 am. The interview started around 11.10 am.

The Press Conference will follow immediately after that. 

Stay tune.

ACA Ultimatum to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim?

Lebih kurang pada pukul 12 petang tadi, saya terima telefon daripada Pn Chua Lay Choo dari BPR putrajaya.

Saya dimaklumkan bahawa En. Salzali bin Salbi, Ketua Cawangan Tindakan Khas selaku Penolong Pesuruhjaya, BPR Putrajaya ingin membuat temujanji dengan DSAI. Apabila ditanya bila? Pn Chua dengan segera jawab pada hari ini juga. Apabila ditanya sebab temujanji, pegawai BPR kedengaran tidak berhasrat memberi sebab sebenar. Dengan demikian, secara “tidak berhasrat” juga saya jawab kena minta persetujuan DSAI dahulu.

Bila saya hubungi DSAI, beliau bersetuju menemui mereka, cuma pada masa itu, beliau sedang sibuk dengan persiapan rumah terbuka di Cherok To’ Kun.

Selepas makan tengahari, saya hubungi Pn Chua untuk memaklumkan masa temujanji. Pn Chua sekali lagi menekankan temujanji pada hari ini juga. Saya mengesyaki sesuatu yang tidak kena.  Sekali lagi tanya sebab pertemuan. Pn Chua cuba elakkan soalan. Selepas  berkali-kali tanya, beliau hanya jawab berkenaan Pita VK Lingam.

Akhir sekali, saya cuba tanya adakah pihak BPR akan memberi ultimatum seperti yand diberikan kepada saya? Beliau membisu.

Temujanji akhirnya ditetapkan pada hari Isnin pada 11 pagi di Pejabat DSAI.

DSAI Open House

21 Oktober 2007 (Ahad)

Tempat: 11 Jalan 3/61 Bukit Segambut, Segambut Dalam, Segambut Dalam 51200 Kuala Lumpur

Masa: 2 petang – 6 petang

Sila rujuk: Peta ke rumah DSAI

Hubungi 0379566444 / 0126659854

Justice at last!!!

“Inhumane, Cruel and Despicable.”

This is the description on the government of Malaysia and former Inspector General of Police, Rahim Noor.

“The nature of interrogation was clearly for a political purpose and had nothing to do with genuine concern for national security.”

The government and the police force were condemned “sekuat-kuatnya” last night for abusing ISA to detain Reformasi activist, Malek Hussin. The government of Malaysia has always used ISA to silent opposition. From Anwar Ibrahim to Tian Chua, from Dr. Syed Husin Ali to Raja Petra Kamarrudin, they have been jailed under ISA as a threat to National Security.

It is unbelievable that patriots like Dr. Syed Husin Ali, Anwar Ibrahim and many others were threats to national security.

Rahim Noor was also the culprit who beat up Anwar Ibrahim at the height of Reformasi (also under ISA), and thus created this famous picture.

mata lebam

FBI investigation

This is scandulous.

A politician write to a district officer. The politician intervened the government function, demanding the officer not to give contracts to certain bidder. Worst, this politician issued the letter using the party letterhead!

Crime committed: corruption, abuse of power, political party intervention into governance, due process of gov contract, incompetitive and un-transparent contract bidding process.

As the news broke, FBI started the investigation. The media were covering 24 hours on the news. Within two days, the district officer came out to testify against the politician and the district judge issued warrant to arrest the politician.


This is Malaysia, we need to take 30 days to authenticate the document…



Skandal Ketua Hakim Negara semaking menarik perhatian orang ramai.

Semalam, saya dijemput memberi taklimat kepada mahasiswa-mahasiswi dari pelbagai universiti. Mereka memberi perhatian yang cukup prihatin tentang perkembangan negara. Perbincangan kami tidak terbatas kepada skandal Ketua Hakim Negara malah Agenda Ekonomi Malaysia juga dibincangkan. Syabas!

Saya menaruh harapan yang cukup besar terhadap mahasiswa kerana mereka mempunyai idealisme, kreativiti dan semangat perjuangan yang luhur. 

Semoga, lebih ramai mahasiswa-mahasiswi akan terus prihatin dan membincangkan soal negara. Sememangnya mereka akan mengambil alih negara ini suatu masa hadapan.